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healthy body fat percentage

Before reducing your body fat, you need to know about body fat percentages. When it comes to fitness, everyone focuses on numbers, whether reps, sets, miles and heart rate to achieve the goal. Unfortunately, people forget to consider body fat percentages. If you are doing the same then you need to pay attention to these things. Body fat percentage is the best tool for accomplishing fitness goals.

The average fat is 18 to 24 percent while 15 to 17 percent places you in the fitness category. In addition, it is necessary for you to burn 10 to 15 percent fat.

The Best Way to Check Body Fat

Most people resort to BMI (Body Mass Index) to measure extra fat in the body. However, a piece of thread can tell about extra fat better than BMI. This has been claimed in a new study. This new method is called string method. This is the way how it works? Learn the correct way to use string method here.

Waist Measurement should be Half of your Height

First of all measure your height with thread. Then fold this from half and then wrap your waist around. If it is comfortably wrapped around your waist, then there is no extra fat in your body. Ideally, a person’s waist measurement should be half of his height.

Why it is not Right to Check Body Fat with BMI

Researchers have analyzed 2 thousand 917 people over 16 years of age in this study. After which he found that more than one-third of people who had a normal BMI did not match their body fat with string method. Let us know that those whose body mass index is more than 30, are at risk of diabetes or high BP.

Role of Diet in Reducing your Fat

Fat percentages of between 7 and 20 percent are due to your diet and not to workouts. The person who has 7% body fat is definitely following very strict rules. People with 10 to 12% definitely consume Cheat Mills.
When you want to get into the new category of fat, first of all, you have to decide how important less than 10% is because it requires significant lifestyle changes. At 20%, you can eat half a pizza. At 15%, you can eat a slice but at 8% you need to skip the pizza intake.

To keep weight under control, you need to know about the body fat percentage of your body.

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