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The craze of eating quinoa is increasing day by day in Indians. It is not easy but in many big cities of India people get to buy in malls. There are also some e-commerce web sites that are selling Quinoa like amazon. In this post we will talk about “what is quinoa” and “why did this become so popular in India”.



Meaning of Quinoa

Like other grains of India, wheat, rice, sabutdana, it is also a grain which has come to India from South America. In the last 2-3 years, this American grain named Quinoa has made its own place in the Indian market. In South America, quinoa is used exclusively to make cakes. Quinoa is gluten free, contains 9 types of amino acids. You also get more protein by eating it. Quinoa also contains high amounts of potassium, magnesium and calcium.

Quinoa is mainly used in breakfast. It is also being cultivated in India at the present time. Studies have shown that quinoa has anti-cancer and antiseptic properties which can be used in many diseases such as blood pressure, helpful in removing anemia, osteoporosis and heart related diseases in the body.

Quinoa is the main source of essential amino acids, so it is known to overcome protein deficiencies and is similar to small round grains. Its color is also of many types such as white, black and red. Its leaves are also used as salads. Nutrients like iron protein and calcium fiber found in it make it a super food. Due to which its demand is very high and its benefits are also very high.

Types of Quinoa

White Quinoa

It is commonly known as ivory quinoa, most commonly available in stores. The best thing about it is that it takes the least time to cook.

Red Quinoa

This variety is most preferred for dishes such as cold salad. Compared to the white variety, red tries to retain its original shape and structure after cooking quinoa.

Black Quinoa

Even after cooking, this variety retains its original color. Although it takes the longest time to cook, it has a sweet taste.

Benefits of Quinoa

Quinoa is also used by people for weight loss because the amount of protein in it is very high compared to other diets. Its leaves are eaten as a salad. Let’s know what are the benefits of quinoa.

Weight Loss

If you are looking for a superfood for weight loss, then you can include quinoa in your weight loss plan, it is a very good source of fiber and it also contains high amount of protein which is easily in our body can be saved. So it does not allow excess fat to accumulate in your body and helps to reduce weight.

For Skin

There are many problems in the skin, such as wrinkles that occur with aging. Consumption of quinoa can help you avoid such problems because it has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that produce a natural tightness in the skin.

Strengthen Bones

Due to the lack of calcium, the bones start to weaken over time, which slowly starts to show on our body. By using quinoa you can meet the calcium deficiency in your bones to some extent because it is a good source of calcium. Regular use of quinoa makes our teeth and bones strong.

In Diabetes

If the insulin is not secreted properly in the body, and if it is not used properly, increasing the amount of sugar in the food increases the blood sugar level in the body, which causes diseases like diabetes. If you consume quinoa as breakfast, then you can control your blood sugar.

For Proteins and Vitamins

Proteins and vitamins are needed to keep the body running smoothly and quinoa is considered to be a good source of both. Quinoa contains vitamin B12 as well as a higher amount of protein than other grains.

To Reduce Cholesterol

When the cholesterol levels are high, many problems arise in the body. The fiber present in quinoa has the ability to reduce cholesterol and it also increases the secretion of bile from our liver which helps us to reduce cholesterol.

In Digestion

Quinoa acts like a super food to get rid of all stomach related problems like flatulence, constipation, bloating, in the morning breakfast can be taken to remove many stomach related problems. Consuming quinoa improves your digestion and makes you feel lighter.

From Anemia

Anemia is mainly caused due to deficiency of iron in the body, so if you eat quinoa seed, then you can avoid dangerous diseases like anemia. Quinoa contains iron which increases blood in the body.

Nutritional Value of Quinoa

Quinoa is loaded with nutrients. The following are the nutrients in 100 grams of cooked quinoa
Protein –                           4.4 grams
Fat –                                  1.92 grams
Carbohydrate –               21.3 grams
Fiber –                               2.8 grams
Sugar –                              0.87 grams
Vitamin-B6 –                    0.123 mg
Vitamin E –                       0.63 mg
Thiamine –                       0.107 mg
Calcium –                          17 mg
Iron –                                 1.49 mg
Magnesium –                   64 mg
Phosphorus –                  152 mg
Potassium –                     172 mg
Sodium –                           07 mg
Zinc –                                 1.09 mg
Copper –                           0.192 mg
Manganese –                   0.631 mg
Fatty acid (saturated) – 0.231 mg

How to use Quinoa

Quinoa can be used in many ways in food. Quinoa can be used as a salad with cabbage leaves. Apart from this, you can prepare a good recipe by mixing quinoa and black beans.

A Few more Things about Quinoa

Quinoa was first cultivated in South America. But now it is being grown in India too. The scientific name for quinoa is Chinopodium quinoa. You may have heard of quinoa before, but have not heard of its varied and powerful benefits. Quinoa, often referred to as a ‘superfood’ or a ‘super grain’. It is one of the most popular health foods in the world. Quinoa is a flowering plant, which belongs to the Chaulai family. It is an annual plant that is grown for its edible seeds. Its seeds are gluten free. It is an excellent source of protein (an absolute source, as it contains all nine essential amino acids). It also contains good amount of fiber and minerals.

Side Effects of Quinoa

  • Diabetes patients should consume it after consulting a doctor, as it can reduce blood sugar.
  • Quinoa is helpful in reducing blood pressure, so people taking blood pressure medication should take it after consulting a doctor.
  • This is helpful in reducing weight, so those who are underweight should avoid quinoa.
  • If you have any type of allergy from the consumption of quinoa, do not take it.

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