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vitamin b foods

What is Vitamin B

We need some vitamins and essential nutrients to keep our body healthy and young. One of them is vitamin B nutrient. Vitamin B is a group in itself. Which we know as Vitamin B Complex. This group contains Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B7, Vitamin B9, Vitamin B12. Vitamin B group is soluble in water. It is one of the most important vitamins for our body.

Benefits of Vitamin B

Vitamin B helps a lot in keeping our body healthy. The use of vitamin B is very important for our mouth, tongue and eyes. Along with the use of vitamin B, the nervous and digestive system are also healthy. Vitamin B gives our body strength to fight against bacteria. Vitamin B helps in increasing the metabolism of our body. And helps to keep our skin, nerve, tissue, bones and muscles healthy. Vitamin B helps in converting the nutrients of our body into energy.
For beautiful skin
Growing pollution has an impact on our health as well as our beauty. So to maintain beauty with health, you should eat things containing vitamin B3, such as bananas, leguminous vegetables and oatmeal which are rich in nicotinamide. This keeps your skin glowing and moisturized.
For healthy hair
In the absence of B complex in the body, the hair starts turning white and falls weakly. Once the B complex is replenished in the body, the hair starts to become black and strong again. Pantothenic acid found in the B complex plays an important role in darkening white hair. Para amino benzoic acid and folic acid are also helpful in darkening hair. There is biotin in the vitamin B complex which makes your nails and hair strong.

Sources of Vitamin B




Protein and vitamin B are found in sufficient quantity in eggs. Regular intake of eggs, it removes vitamin B2 and vitamin B12 deficiency. Adequate vitamin B12 can be obtained by consuming two eggs daily. Studies show that yellow egg yolk has higher levels of vitamin B12 than the white part of the egg.


Full fat milk contains a lot of vitamin B12. If you do not eat meat, fish etc. then milk will be a good option for you. By consuming a glass of milk daily, your body will get three different vitamins. Consuming 1 cup or about 240 grams of milk provides sufficient amount of vitamin B12 to the body, which helps the body to fight against diseases and makes the body healthy, and other products made from milk are also included in daily diet.


A good amount of vitamin B12 is found in soya bean, soya milk or tofu etc.


You will find twelve types of cheese in the market which will contain vitamin B12. But the amount of vitamin B12 in cottage cheese is quite high.

Whole Grain

Whole grain is an important part of the diet. This thick grain is rich in vitamin B.


Tomatoes are rich in vitamin B6. It is very beneficial for human body.
Those who do not like tomato in the vegetable, it will be equally beneficial if it is eaten as a salad.


Consuming potato does not cause vitamin B deficiency in the body.


Broccoli is rich in vitamin B complex. It is necessary to include it in the diet to take advantage of it. It Helps to Boost Immunity System, remove problems like wrinkles and has a great effect on the skin of the face and body.

Green leafy vegetables

If we include green leafy vegetables in our diet, then we will not have vitamin B deficiency. Vitamin B is present in green leafy vegetables. Such as spinach, fenugreek, mustard and etc.


Banana is rich in Vitamin B6. Consuming bananas three to four times a week can prove to be very beneficial for health.
Avocado is rich in protein and vitamins. Consuming avocado regularly replenishes the vitamin B complex in the body.


Almond is one of the most delicious nuts available in the market. It is rich in protein and vitamin B. Consuming two to three almonds daily is very beneficial for health. You can soak some almonds in water to increase memory and consume it in the morning.

Chicken Breast

Chicken eaters love chicken breast. It contains high amounts of B12 and folic acid.

Salmon Fish

This fish is quite tasty. It contains a lot of vitamin B12. Although this fish is quite expensive but still it is quite popular among people.

Important – Friends, vitamin B12 is one of the most essential nutrients for our body. But it can also harm your body due to excessive intake. However, some people may have pimples and other skin problems due to its excessive intake. So if you are taking any kind of medicines, then be sure to consult your doctor before taking vitamin B12 supplements.

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