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vitamin a foods

Vitamin A is very important for the human body. It is necessary for us if we want to be healthy. It is essential for eyesight, for muscle strengthening, for bones, and for maintaining calcium levels.
Vitamin A is known as fat soluble vitamin. It is commonly found in retinoid and carotenoid forms. Vitamin A is found mainly in fruits and vegetables.
Its deficiency causes many problems such as blindness, dryness in the eyes, dry hair, dry skin, frequent colds, fatigue, weakness, sleepiness, night blindness, pneumonia and weight loss.

Sources of Vitamin A




Carrots are considered the largest source of vitamin A. Because our body gets 334 percent of the vitamin A requirement by eating one bowl of carrot daily. Carrots are also very good for the eyes.
We can eat raw carrot as a salad. It can also be eaten by mixing it with vegetable or it can be made into carrot pudding. Carrots are useful to us in many forms.


There is a saying that pumpkin one, benefits many. This saying is very accurate for pumpkin. Although pumpkin is rich in all the nutritional properties, but pumpkin mainly contains beta carotene, which gives vitamin A.
Many kinds of nutrients are also found in pumpkin seeds, which is also beneficial for our skin. We can also use pumpkin as a vegetable, raita or we can also make a pumpkin dessert.

Green Coriander

Green coriander is added from the top of the vegetable to enhance the flavor of the vegetable and to enhance its color. Its aroma makes food more delicious and the vitamin A in it is beneficial for your health. You can also add basil or dry coriander to the vegetable.


Tomato is most commonly used in Indian mines. Tomatoes contain high levels of antioxidants as well as vitamin A.
Tomato contains lycopene, which is quite effective in controlling the growth of cancer cells, especially prostate, stomach and colorectal cancers. Tomato contains chromium, which controls blood sugar levels in the body.

Green Vegetables

We are advised to eat green vegetables since childhood. It is said that eating green vegetables brightens the eyes. All kinds of vitamins are found in green vegetables.
In such a situation, green vegetables are also very beneficial for vitamin A. You must take green vegetables in your food. By taking vitamin A food, our body and skin remain young.


Milk is considered a complete diet. It contains lots of nutrients. But believe me, milk is also a very good source of vitamin A. Which helps in the growth of bones and growth of cells. Milk is beneficial for everyone. Drinking 1 glass of milk everyday can prove beneficial for you.


It has been proved that fish is very beneficial for health. Fish is rich in Vitamin A. Eating fish also brightens the eyes as well as the brain. Therefore fish is also called brain food. Vitamin A is also found in fish along with omega-3 and fatty acids.


Although egg is known for protein and fat. But very few people know that eggs contain many other nutrients, which are very beneficial for our body. One of them is vitamin A. Vitamin A is also found in eggs. Which fulfills the deficiency of Vitamin A in our body.

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