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As it has been said, ‘An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away’, this is also true of the green apple. Apple fruit is the most unique and wonderful fruit provided by nature which we have got as a boon. It contains a lot of essential nutrients and vitamins which should be a part of every person’s daily diet. There are many types of apple when it comes to it. Red apples which are very common and green apple which are sour and sweet in taste.
Green apples have been considered good for health for a long time. They are innately loaded with a variety of essential nutrients such as protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber. They are known to provide relief from digestive disorders. They are very effective in lowering blood cholesterol and blood pressure, keeping blood sugar levels stable and improving appetite.

green apple with leaves

But everyone should be careful in choosing and keeping it. When you are buying apples, take a solid look at them. Apples should be brightly colored with no bruises or damaged. Keep green apples in your fridge. Place the apples in a plastic bag with holes, sprinkle some water over them in the coldest place of fizz. This way your apples will stay fresh for two to three weeks.

Health Benefits of Green Apple

Weight Control

Those who want to lose weight can add green apple in their diet. A middle size green apple have 58 kcal (kilocalories) calories, which helps to reduce weight. Green apple contains the right amount of natural sugar, which is very beneficial for the body. Green apple contains fiber so the digestive power of the body has to work more. Which helps in reducing body weight. Therefore, include green apple in your diet.


Having high fiber in green apple provides many benefits to our body. Very few people will know that green apple works as a cleanser from inside our body. Helps to remove any undigested food in our body, which keeps our body healthy from inside.

Strong Bones

Green apple is a good calcium source. Our bones are strengthened by calcium. When excess water comes out of our body, then calcium also comes out from our body. But the remaining calcium goes into our blood which makes our bones strong.


Green apple contains anti-oxidants called flavonoids and polyphenols. These anti-oxidants work to remove oxygen from the bloodstream. These free radicals are responsible for attacking the healthy cell, which creates oxidative stress and further damages the cell. Anti-oxidant protects our body from any such damage.

Source of Vitamins and Minerals

Green apple is also very beneficial for women as it is rich in vitamins, calcium and potassium which prevents bone problems. Vitamin ‘A’ is found in green apple which also enhances the light of the eyes.

Green Apple keeps Digestive System Healthy

Green apple keeps the digestive system healthy. The fiber found in it digests quite easily. This also improves metabolic rate. Apart from this, the flavonoid present in green apple also relieves asthma. This is the reason that regular intake of green apple reduces the risk of lung cancer to a great extent.

Skin Benefits

Green apples are rich in vitamins A, B and C, which help in enhancing the glow of the skin. Skin looks healthy and young for a long time. It also helps in removing the dark circle on the side of the eyes.

Benefits of Green Apple for Liver

Many types of phytochemicals are found in apples and one of them is Quercetin. It is an effective antioxidant, which can be beneficial in protecting the liver from oxidative stress and keeping it healthy. In addition, the special antioxidant properties found in apple peels may also be beneficial in protecting the liver from cancer risk. To benefit from green apple for liver, an apple can be eaten every morning.

Rich in Fiber

It contains high amount of fiber that help to clear our system and increase metabolism. So they also help in free bowel movement. You are advised to eat an apple with peel of fruit everyday. The clearer your system and intestine will be, the happier and healthier you will be.

To prevent Hair Fall

It is a recognized medicine to prevent hair fall, to give strength to roots, growth of hair.

Benefits of Green Apple for Lungs

A research published on the website of the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) has found that consumption of fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of lung cancer in women by up to 21 percent. The flavonoids present in green apples have been found to be effective in reducing this risk of lung cancer. One green apple can be consumed daily to keep the lungs healthy. Keep in mind that in situations like cancer, get medical treatment instead of home remedy.

Green Apple Juice is Beneficial

According to researchers, green apples are more helpful in warding off all heart related diseases. They contain a compound called Rutin that prevents blood from freezing or clotting. Apart from this, it also reduces the risk of stroke to a great extent. Therefore, in recent research, it has been said to drink one glass of green apple juice daily.

Red Apple vs Green Apple

red versus green apple


Now you must be wondering what is the difference between green apple and red apple. These two apples are different due to their nutritional characteristics. The biggest difference between these two apples is because of their calories. A red apple has 130 calories while a green apple has 52 calories, which is 1/3 of the green apple found in a red apple.

However red apple contains anthocyanin chemical which is known to promote heart health. And red apple is considered better for lowering cholesterol than green apple.

Why is Green Apple a Better Option?

There are very few food items that are sweet as well and contain less sugar. Green apple has a very low calorie content which is beneficial for diet. Another highlight of this is that eating green apple keeps the natural glow in our skin.

Green apple keeps everything healthy, body, skin and digestive power. All these benefits can give you a green apple, so what are you thinking, add a green apple in your diet from today and take advantage of it.

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