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benefits of goat milk

Milk is very important to stay healthy. It contains calcium, protein, potassium and vitamin D, which is very beneficial for the body. Most of people prefer cow or buffalo milk, but goat milk is also very beneficial for health. It works to increase the immune system and metabolism and is also very effective in dengue. Research done on goat milk has revealed that this milk contains a special type of protein. This is the protein that increases the number of platelets in a dengue patient. In Chikungunya, this protein also works.

goat milk
The protein present in goat milk is not as complex as that of cow, buffalo. This is why it is not very difficult to digest and it is easily digested. It also works to increase the number of blood cells.

In this article information is given about the benefits and disadvantages of goat milk. Let’s know what are the benefits and disadvantages of drinking goat milk.

Benefits of Got Milk

Boost the Immune System

Diseases stay away from you due to the body’s immune system being cured. In such a situation, you should take those foods that have the potential to increase immunity. Goat milk is one of them. Goat milk is a rich source of selenium, which helps in boosting the immune system or immunity.

Increase Metabolism

If your body metabolism is right, then you will be able to work more and more actively. Goat milk is rich in many nutrients. its milk is also rich in iron and copper, which helps improve your metabolism rate.

Strengthen Bones

Bone weakening is a major problem today. If you want to strengthen bones, goat milk can help you in this. It is rich in calcium. Along with calcium, goat milk is also rich in the amino acid tryptophen, which keeps our bones and teeth strong. Drinking its milk is less likely to cause osteoporosis.

Goat Milk is Effective in Dengue

Dengue spreads like an epidemic in the monsoon. However, everyone should be vigilant to avoid dengue. Even if someone gets this disease, goat milk will prove beneficial for him. In fact, blood platelets are deficient in dengue fever. In such a situation, goat milk is an easy and effective remedy because it contains selenium and is known to increase blood platelet count.

In Pregnancy

Goat milk is considered particularly good during pregnancy. The nutrients present in it help in promoting the overall health of the expectant mother and her baby. Besides being nutritious for the mother, it is also beneficial for infants. Goat milk has A2 beta-casein which is healthier than A1 beta-casein which is in cow’s milk. Nutrients present in goat milk with A2 beta-casein are equivalent to mother’s milk. Therefore it is believed that it is the best for human health. Studies show that children are less allergic after the lactation period.

But you are advised to always consume boiled goat milk only. Avoid using raw milk.

For Skin Health

Goat milk is beneficial for skin due to the presence of a good amount of fatty acids and triglycerides. This is also because goat milk is alkaline which does not harm the skin. Apart from this, goat milk also contains a good amount of vitamin A, which is an important component of skin. The lactic acid present in this milk keeps the skin hydrated and enhances its shine.

Goat milk can be used to wash your face in the morning. It helps in providing extra nutrition to your skin.

Disadvantages of Goat Milk

  • Goat milk should not be consumed immediately after the child stops breastfeeding.
  • This milk is nutritious but only cow’s milk should be consumed in the initial time.
  • Some people may be allergic to goat milk.
  • You may have problems such as stomach pain and diarrhea if you consume excessive amount of goat milk.

How to Use Goat Milk

You can also use goat milk the way you use cow’s milk. But use raw goat milk when you have fresh milk available. If you use goat milk after few hours or if you bring packaged goat milk from the market then it is recommended to boil it and drink it. You can drink goat milk in the morning and evening. Those who have trouble with the smell of goat milk, boil the milk first and then drink it after cooling. This can reduce the smell of goat milk.

Like curd made from cow’s milk, the use of curd made from goat’s milk is beneficial for those who cannot drink milk directly. You can also make cheese, sweets and other foods using goat milk.

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