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Everyone, whether children or older, likes to eat eggs for breakfast. As such, eggs are considered to be the best sources of protein and the calcium from them is very beneficial for our bones. Eggs are very easy to eat, cook, or store. Although most people usually eat white eggs available in the market, but some people eat only brown eggs, they believe that brwon eggs (desi eggs) are much more beneficial than white eggs.

But when we go to the market to buy eggs, we often get confused about which brown or white egg to buy and which is the best for our health? But you do not get upset because we can solve this confusion. Let’s know which egg to eat is right and better for health. 

Identify from the Color of Eggs

brown eggs and white eggs


The easiest way to identify brown and white eggs is their color. While white eggs are completely white, brown eggs are slightly beige or brown. People consider brown eggs to be more efficient, hence their price is much higher than ordinary eggs in the market.

Artificial Breeding

Nutritionalist Dr. Neha Sanwalka explains that brown eggs have evolved naturally. They are obtained directly from chickens and are not injected with any kind of artificial hormones and medicines. On the other hand, many types of medicines and hormones are injected into chickens growing in poultry, so that they lay more and more eggs. This is why brown eggs are more beneficial, although Dr. Sanvalka says that you cannot completely trust the brown eggs you find in the market because it has been seen in most places that people start selling eggs by making them brown colored.

Nutrient Intake

There is a difference of only 10-15% in the nutrients obtained from both types of eggs. Brown eggs are more healthy only due to the absence of chemical and synthetic hormones, otherwise both are equally beneficial.

Then how to Choose Eggs?

The environment and the diet of chickens affect the nutritional value of eggs. Chickens that are always in contact with the sun and well-eating chickens have all the nutrients in their eggs. Eggs of such chickens are more healthy. Whereas the eggs of chickens that live in a closed room and eat improper food are not healthy. As with nutrients, there is not much difference between the taste of brown and white eggs on the basis of color. However, the diet of chickens and the freshness of eggs affect the taste of eggs.

So the next time you choose an egg for your breakfast, make sure that you think about the quality of the chickens rather than the color.

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